Donations and Charity Programs - Companies and Governments

Donation Programs act usually by stimulating and convincing the pharmaceutical industry to play a greater role in improving access to medicine by non – commercial transactions.

Donation programs have wide scope of justifications: 
1. Ethical
2. Financial
3. Regulatory
4. Social responsibility
5. Medical

Pharmaceutical companies are mostly the sole investors in life saving medicine developing and as such are the main risk taker in this process.

Very rarely states / countries are willing to share the cost of developing lifesaving drugs and are willing to do so mainly in cases of epidemic crises or as a response to public pressure. 

Pharma leaders see business rational in Donation programs as part of company access to medicine strategy.
Pharmaceutical companies are seeking partnership with states by using access market and donation programs as:

Financial benefits platform (Taxes waver)
1.  Registration speeding vector
2. Patients future recruiting pool.   

States are using Donation programs as:
1. Financial saving tool
2. Rapid source of aid in time of  
Catastrophic events.  

Patients are looking Donation Programs as: 
1. Lifesaving opportunity
2. Social responsibility partnership
3. " Pharma should share their wealth"