Elin Haf Davies, UK

Elin initially qualified as a Children’s nurse at Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital, going on to gain a BSc (Neuroscience) and MSc (Research Methods). After years of recruiting children to clinical trials Elin embarked on a PhD at the Institute of Child Health (UCL) to develop a clinical outcome measure and biomarker of ataxia in children with neuro-metabolic disease. 

Elin was part of the paediatric team at the European Medicine Agency from 2007-2013, responsible for implementing the Paediatric Regulation in Europe. She has a personal interest in empowering children to become involved in the health / research agenda. 

In January 2015 Elin launched her own company, Aparito. Using wearable technology and mobile phone apps to monitor disease progression and patient well-being in real-time. The company now has studies running in the UK, India, America, South Africa and Germany.  

When not working Elin is an adventure-addict! She played rugby for Wales A for seven years before embarking on a completely new challenge - spending 77 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean with fellow GOSH nurse, and raising £190,000 for metabolic research. In 2009 she was part of the first ever-female crew to row across the Indian Ocean, a 3,600m trip that took 78 days. Elin completed a hat-trick of oceans by sailing 6,000 miles across the north Pacific. Her adventures over the years have raised over £250,000 for charities close to her heart. Her book, On Tempestuous Seas holds the record for the most number of books sold in one night at the National Geographic Store in London.